This summer FB Chain have welcomed a number of young people into the business on work experience. FB strongly feel that creating work experience opportunities for young people is a win win situation for FB chain and for the young person undertaking the work.  Work experience is about giving back to society and helping the future economy by doing our bit to help. Here is why they think it good for them and every company. 

They bring fresh eyes and ideas. While most young people have little or no experience of the workplace, they sometimes look at issues from a new angle and offer a completely different perspective. 

It helps our staff develop their own supervisory skills as they look after the work experience person, making our employees feel valued and engaged. 

It tests our work instructions and standard operating procedures. As the work experience person follows step-by-step instructions compiled by experienced staff, they will find the over looked stage or question the over complexity. 

Today’s students and school leavers have grown up with technology. Much of this will be second nature to them, so when helping out with many routine tasks they can often show experienced employees new and quicker ways of doing things.

Word soon gets round and it is good for our reputation for investing in young people. It can be a powerful tool when it comes to recruitment because people will recommend us as a good firm to work for young talent out there.

It allows our experienced staff to work on other projects and take care of many ‘I will do that when a get spare time’ tasks.

Offering work experience benefits the manufacturing industry in general with many industries in the UK facing a skills shortage. Making sure young people get a taste for engineering and manufacturing has to help.    

Making the transition from study to work is hard, many young people have barely left the classroom and so, when they do work experience, they tend to mature and learn the social rules and how to survive the day without a mobile phone, making them better employees when they start full time work.